Article | Negotiation | September 2009

Hidden Roadblocks in Cross-Border Talks

by James K. Sebenius


While most analysts and dealmakers are aware of "cultural" differences in negotiations that cross national borders--different protocol and process expectations, differences in the role of the individual versus the group, differences in attitudes toward risk and time, etc.--they often overlook a key factor that can systematically vary across cultures that can carry profound implications for choice of negotiating approach. Specifically, failure to take into account different traditions in governance and decision making can doom an otherwise sophisticated set of strategies and tactics.

Keywords: Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Issues; Negotiation Tactics; Risk Management; Time Management; Strategy; Governance; Performance Expectations; Attitudes; Culture; Decision Making;


Sebenius, James K. "Hidden Roadblocks in Cross-Border Talks." Negotiation 12, no. 9 (September 2009): 8.