Working Paper | HBS Working Paper Series | 2009

The CHAT Dataset

by Diego A. Comin and Bart Hobijn


This note accompanies the Cross‐country Historical Adoption of Technology (CHAT) dataset. CHAT is an unbalanced panel dataset with information on the adoption of over 100 technologies in more than 150 countries since 1800. The data is available for download at: We discuss the main aim of CHAT, its scope and limitations, as well as several ways in which we have used the data so far and ways to potentially use the data for other research. Suggested acknowledgment: If you use the CHAT dataset for your research, please include the following citation: "Our technology measures come from the CHAT data set which is an extension of the data set described in Comin and Hobijn (2004)."

Keywords: Geographic Location; History; Technology Adoption;


Comin, Diego A., and Bart Hobijn. "The CHAT Dataset." Harvard Business School Working Paper, No. 10-035, November 2009.