Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2009 (Revised January 2016)

Cleveland Clinic: Transformation and Growth 2015

by Michael E. Porter and Elizabeth O. Teisberg


The Cleveland Clinic's health care services are internationally renowned for quality. In 2008, The Clinic began to restructure the organization into teams defined around patient needs, rather than traditional medical specialties. "Patients First!" takes shape as the teams measure and report outcomes, coordinate care, and develop to support improving value for patients. In addition to restructuring care delivery in the hospitals and throughout northeastern Ohio, The Clinic has investments, facilities, and staff in several other states in the U.S. as well as in Canada and Abu Dhabi. Now in 2015, as the Clinic's domestic and international footprint continues to expand, its leadership is also focused in maintaining the Cleveland Clinic brand and providing optimal clinical care. Students can explore strategy transformation, geographic expansion, the process of introducing new measurement approaches, alignment of activities with strategic goals, and issues in leading change both within a company and across an economic sector.

Keywords: health; health care operations; health care quality; health care; strategy and leadership; strategy development; Health Care and Treatment; Leading Change; Goals and Objectives; Growth and Development Strategy; Measurement and Metrics; Service Delivery; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Outcome or Result; Health Industry; Cleveland;


Porter, Michael E., and Elizabeth O. Teisberg. "Cleveland Clinic: Transformation and Growth 2015." Harvard Business School Case 709-473, February 2009. (Revised January 2016.)