Book | 2010

Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice

by Nitin Nohria and Rakesh Khurana


The study of leadership suffers intellectual neglect and has yet to be considered a serious academic discipline. And though the mission statements of most business schools profess to "develop leaders who make a difference in the world," these same schools produce hardly any serious scholarship or research to advance our understanding of leadership. To fill this void, Nitin Nohria and Rakesh Khurana have invited leading scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds to take stock of what we know about leadership and to set an agenda for future research. Based on a Harvard Business School Centennial Colloquium, this edited volume brings together the most important scholars from fields as diverse as psychology, sociology, economics, and history to shape the academic discipline of leadership.

Keywords: Business Education; Interdisciplinary Studies; Leadership; Practice; Research; Theory;


Nohria, Nitin, and Rakesh Khurana, eds. Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice. Harvard Business Press, 2010.