Article | Advertising Week

Towards a Bill of Rights for Online Advertisers

by Benjamin Edelman


Online advertising presents remarkable efficiencies—better targeting, improved measurement and greater return on investment. Yet there are challenges, particularly when networks of intermediaries place ads through convoluted relationships, and all the more so when small advertisers cannot effectively negotiate terms dictated by advertising powerhouses. The result is a troubling mess of ads gone wrong—advertisers charged in ways they didn't fairly agree to, and on terms they didn't meaningfully accept. But online advertising doesn't have to be a wild west. I propose five specific rights advertisers should demand as they buy online placements.

Keywords: Online Advertising; Rights; Measurement and Metrics; Investment Return; Negotiation; Networks; Problems and Challenges; Performance Efficiency; Law; Advertising Industry;


Edelman, Benjamin. "Towards a Bill of Rights for Online Advertisers." Advertising Week (September 21, 2009).