Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2009

Supersonic Business Jets

by Dennis A. Yao and Julia Rozovsky


In the fall of 2002, Brian Barents, ex-CEO of Galaxy Aerospace, faced an important decision: whether or not to enter the supersonic business jet (SSBJ) industry. Supersonic flight-flight faster than the speed of sound-had long tantalized leaders of commercial aerospace firms. With advances in aviation centered on speed, aerospace manufacturers were long after a supplement to the Anglo-French Concorde, the only civilian supersonic option at the time. Although technologically feasible for generations, previous companies had failed to come up with a plan to bring an SSBJ to market in a way that was both economically feasible and within regulation. Was the business and technical environment in 2002 more conducive to starting a SSBJ venture? If so, what kind of design strategy-low-boom or conventional--was best?

Keywords: Corporate Entrepreneurship; Governance Compliance; Market Entry and Exit; Business Strategy; Cooperation; Aerospace Industry;


Yao, Dennis A., and Julia Rozovsky. "Supersonic Business Jets." Harvard Business School Case 709-425, January 2009.