Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2009 (Revised February 2013)

Appellation Shanxi: Grace Vineyard

by William C. Kirby, Michael Shih-ta Chen and Keith Chi-ho Wong


Grace Vineyard was a rare family-owned, private winery in China that was set on establishing itself as a world-renowned, quality vintner. Judy Leissner, the second-generation company leader, was at a crossroads in how she wanted to grow the business that her father founded in 1997. Their wines were rapidly growing a strong following and had won international awards. How could the company capitalize on this success? Should Grace expand its operations to multiple Chinese provinces? Should Grace continue as a premium boutique winery serving a growing but ultimately limited niche market in China, or should it seek to make a mark internationally? Or should Grace respond to buy-out offers?

Keywords: Family Business; Growth and Development Strategy; Family Ownership; State Ownership; Expansion; Food and Beverage Industry; China;


Kirby, William C., Michael Shih-ta Chen, and Keith Chi-ho Wong. "Appellation Shanxi: Grace Vineyard." Harvard Business School Case 309-075, January 2009. (Revised February 2013.)