Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2009

Creating The Partnership Solutions Group at Lehman Brothers

by David A. Thomas and Stephanie Creary


Explores how two senior Wall St. executives created a successful commercial opportunity for Lehman Brothers that focused on building relationships with minority- and women-owned financial services firms. Illustrates how Patricia Miller Zollar and Nadja Fidelia aligned the Partnership Solutions Groups' activities with Lehman Brothers' "one-firm" strategy in ways that created economic value for the firm. Delves into the challenges of developing this business in an industry that tends to view "diversity" initiatives as activities that seek only to benefit society and not as opportunities to create economic gain.

Keywords: Diversity; Gender; Partners and Partnerships; Power and Influence; Value Creation; Financial Services Industry;


Thomas, David A., and Stephanie Creary. "Creating The Partnership Solutions Group at Lehman Brothers." Harvard Business School Case 409-042, January 2009.