Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2008 (Revised November 2012)

Savage Beast (A)

by Noam Wasserman and LP Maurice


For several months, things had been spiraling downwards at Savage Beast, the music-recommendation company started three years before by Tim Westergren. The company's founder-CEO recently left due to pressures both at home and within the venture. Dozens of investors turned thumbs-down on the venture; salaries had been cut; and, tensions had risen within the founding team. Now Westergren, the founder who has taken over as CEO, is facing even deeper pressures as he finds out about a lawsuit filed by former employees, and he is wondering if it is time to give up on ever achieving his vision.

Keywords: Business Startups; Entrepreneurship; Venture Capital; Lawsuits and Litigation; Leadership; Groups and Teams;


Wasserman, Noam, and LP Maurice. "Savage Beast (A)." Harvard Business School Case 809-069, November 2008. (Revised November 2012.)