Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2008 (Revised February 2015)

A.J. Washington: Retaining an NFL Star

by Andrew Wasynczuk and Nicole Shae Bennett


General Manager Luke Kolville, of the Los Angeles Spartans, struggles with the best approach to negotiate a long-term contract for his star quarterback. The agent for Washington is relatively new to the industry and has his sights set particularly high. Kolville needs to weigh a number of effects this negotiation will have on the player, his teammates, and the long-term prospects of the team.

Keywords: Retention; Human Capital; Contracts; Managerial Roles; Negotiation; Groups and Teams; Sports Industry; Los Angeles;


Wasynczuk, Andrew, and Nicole Shae Bennett. "A.J. Washington: Retaining an NFL Star." Harvard Business School Case 909-033, December 2008. (Revised February 2015.)