Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2008 (Revised September 2009)

Cola Wars: Going Global

by Frank V. Cespedes


This case is meant to be used in conjunction with the extant "Cola Wars" case studies. It outlines the global positions of Pepsi and Coca-Cola as of 2008 in the soft drink market, and then provides an overview of their competitive situations in three markets: Mexico, China, and India. The case raises the issue of whether any or all of these markets are a) structurally attractive for soft drink firms, and b) if so, how can Pepsi best "catch-up" with Coca-Cola in a given market.

Keywords: Global Strategy; Globalized Firms and Management; Industry Structures; Competitive Strategy; Competitive Advantage; Food and Beverage Industry; China; India; Mexico;


Cespedes, Frank V. "Cola Wars: Going Global." Harvard Business School Case 709-451, December 2008. (Revised September 2009.)