Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2008 (Revised June 2010)

State of Emergency at Mercy Hospital

by Thomas J. DeLong and Chirag D Shah


Dr. Scott Gabu, Chairman of the Emergency Department of the world-renowned, university-based Mercy Hospital, was deeply disturbed when he read the letter from the family of John Samson, a patient who had come to the emergency room one week earlier, that described an incident that occurred at the hospital in which Dr. Jason Diliper, the attending Chief Resident in charge of Mr. Samson, irresponsibly threatened Mr. Samson's health by leaving his bedside while Mr. Samson was having difficulty breathing. Diliper had been a rising star at the hospital, but lately a number of reports about his behavior had concerned Gabu. Was Diliper burning out? What should Gabu do?

Keywords: Health Care and Treatment; Knowledge Acquisition; Leadership Development; Behavior; Personal Characteristics; Health Industry;


DeLong, Thomas J., and Chirag D Shah. "State of Emergency at Mercy Hospital." Harvard Business School Case 409-048, October 2008. (Revised June 2010.)