Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2008 (Revised December 2011)

Frank Addante, Serial Entrepreneur

by Noam T. Wasserman and Antony Uy


Frank Addante is a 28-year-old serial entrepreneur who is in the process of building his fifth venture. Of his first four ventures, two were sold, one went public, and in the last he decided to close the venture and return unused capital to his investors. With the passing of each venture, he has learned about forming founding teams, splitting equity with his co-founders, hiring executives to work for him, and when to take outside funding. Now, he's facing pressure from investors who aren't happy with how he is building his current team and are questioning whether he should remain CEO.

Keywords: Business Startups; Entrepreneurship; Venture Capital; Equity; Selection and Staffing; Groups and Teams;


Wasserman, Noam T., and Antony Uy. "Frank Addante, Serial Entrepreneur." Harvard Business School Case 809-046, September 2008. (Revised December 2011.)