Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2008 (Revised March 2014)

Loews Corporation: Corporate Strategy as a Portfolio

by Joseph L. Bower


In 2007, Loews Inc., under the leadership of James Tisch, was considering whether to buy natural gas properties from Dominion Resources. The question is whether the acquisition fits the corporate strategy. In exploring the questions, students will have the chance to consider what is in fact a corporate strategy, how Loews' corporate strategy adds value, and how the way Loews is managed contributes to the results—a tripling of market value in 5 years.

Keywords: Corporate Strategy; Business Strategy; Business or Company Management; Value Creation; Acquisition; Management Teams;


Bower, Joseph L. "Loews Corporation: Corporate Strategy as a Portfolio." Harvard Business School Case 309-004, September 2008. (Revised March 2014.)