Supplement | HBS Case Collection | September 2008 (Revised April 2009)

Martha Goldberg Aronson: Challenges at Mid-Career (B)

by William W. George


Martha Goldberg Aronson of Medtronic is trying to decide whether to accept the offer from Medtronic CEO Bill Hawkins to become senior vice president and chief talent officer. Aronson returned from an executive role in Europe just 18 months before as vice president, investor relations, but sees herself as a fine executive. Thus, she is undecided about taking a senior staff position.

Keywords: Decision Choices and Conditions; Job Design and Levels; Leadership; Managerial Roles; Work-Life Balance;


George, William W. "Martha Goldberg Aronson: Challenges at Mid-Career (B)." Harvard Business School Supplement 409-030, September 2008. (Revised April 2009.)