Class Lecture | September 2008

Leading Change and Organizational Renewal

by Michael L. Tushman and Charles O'Reilley


Executives who return from campus-based executive programs ready to make changes often find employees resistant to new ideas. The Leading Change and Organizational Renewal multimedia resource was created to ease transitions and empower the teacher as leader. This multimedia resource includes faculty lectures on these concepts in short video clips by Professors Michael Tushman and Charles O'Reilly. Examples of best practices are presented in video stories, complete with interviews and examples of how each company applied the concepts. Multimedia tutorials explain key frameworks. A workbook provides a logical, step-by-step approach to apply the learning to real work. These materials allow employees to share in the learning process so that they will be prepared for and will contribute to the application of these concepts.

Keywords: Restructuring; Learning; Framework; Knowledge Use and Leverage; Leading Change; Management Practices and Processes;


"Leading Change and Organizational Renewal." Harvard Business School Class Lecture 409-707, September 2008.