Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2008 (Revised December 2009)

Absolute Return for Kids

by Herman B. Leonard, Marc J. Epstein and Melissa Tritter


Absolute Return for Kids [ARK] is a charity with strong financial support-what are the constraints on its growth and impact? ARK seeks to transform the lives of children who are victims of abuse, disability, illness, and poverty. As one of the 50 largest fundraising charities in the United Kingdom, the organization's trustees wrestle with how to meet the needs of this vast and most vulnerable population through program expansion and delivery in Eastern Europe, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. How can the organization replicate its existing successful programs faster, both within and existing new countries? How can it best identify new areas into which ARK should expand over the near term and further down the road-and recognize the ones that would overstretch ARK's organizational capacity and risk failing to maintain the highest quality of delivery?

Keywords: Growth and Development Strategy; Performance Capacity; Quality; Nonprofit Organizations; Expansion; South Africa; Europe; United Kingdom;


Leonard, Herman B., Marc J. Epstein, and Melissa Tritter. "Absolute Return for Kids." Harvard Business School Case 309-036, August 2008. (Revised December 2009.)