Supplement | HBS Case Collection | August 2008 (Revised February 2010)

Yataro Iwasaki: Founding Mitsubishi (B)

by Geoffrey G. Jones, Masako Egawa and Mayuka Yamazaki


This brief (B) case documents the fate of Mitsubishi and the shipping company NYK after the death of Yataro Iwasaki in 1885. The case supplements case 808-158, “Yataro Iwaski: Founding Mitsubishi (A).”

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Globalized Firms and Management; Business History; Leadership; Japan;


Jones, Geoffrey G., Masako Egawa, and Mayuka Yamazaki. "Yataro Iwasaki: Founding Mitsubishi (B)." Harvard Business School Supplement 809-038, August 2008. (Revised February 2010.)