Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2008 (Revised January 2014)

Polanco: A Fashionable Opportunity

by Arthur I Segel and Ben Creo


Roberto Charvel is a young MBA graduate making his first personal real estate investment in his native Mexico City. Charvel is planning to purchase and renovate a nine-unit apartment building. Is the market good? Should he sell or lease the units? How should he handle other issues like the architectural designs, the construction process, and the legal process? How should he balance all the competing demands on his time? This case serves as an introduction to the multifamily property type.

Keywords: Investment; Housing; Leasing; Property; Real Estate Industry; Mexico City;


Segel, Arthur I., and Ben Creo. "Polanco: A Fashionable Opportunity." Harvard Business School Case 209-012, August 2008. (Revised January 2014.)