Supplement | HBS Case Collection | August 2008 (Revised April 2012)

Real Property Negotiation Game (B): Buyer

by Arthur I Segel and John H. Vogel, Jr.


The Real Property Negotiation Game simulates the experience negotiating the sale, purchase, or financing of a property. The class competes as either a lender, buyer, or one of two groups of sellers, Raleigh, North Carolina and Las Vegas, Nevada. The buyer case for the Real Property Negotiation Game. Celia Hernandez must decide which of two properties to purchase.

Keywords: Property; Negotiation; Decision Making; Real Estate Industry;


Segel, Arthur I., and John H. Vogel, Jr. "Real Property Negotiation Game (B): Buyer." Harvard Business School Supplement 209-032, August 2008. (Revised April 2012.)