Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2008 (Revised September 2010)

Sony Ericsson WTA Tour (A)

by Jay W. Lorsch and Kaitlyn Simpson


Larry Scott, the new CEO of the Women's Tennis Association, arrives amidst turmoil. Players and tournaments clash over opposing interests. As a result, the board members who represent them are equally divided and feel conflicted about their role. They aren't sure how to help their constituents while also fulfilling their duty of oversight of the WTA as a whole. In order to make women's tennis more popular and profitable, Scott must find a way to get the board of directors to resolve their differences and work together for the greater good of the organization.

Keywords: Corporate Governance; Governing and Advisory Boards; Leadership; Business and Stakeholder Relations; Conflict of Interests; Cooperation; Sports Industry;


Lorsch, Jay W., and Kaitlyn Simpson. "Sony Ericsson WTA Tour (A)." Harvard Business School Case 409-018, July 2008. (Revised September 2010.)