Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2008 (Revised December 2009)

Infosys' Relationship Scorecard: Measuring Transformational Partnerships

by Francisco de Asis Martinez-Jerez, Robert S. Kaplan and Katherine Miller


This case analyzes Infosys' innovative approach to measuring performance in client relations. Infosys' strategy is evolving to build transformational partnerships from its original position as an outsourcer of end-to-end IT projects. A transformational partner helps clients to devise and implement strategies that will allow them to achieve a competitive advantage. The traditional paradigm of service-level agreements (SLAs), while sufficient for Infosys' needs early on, is not able to achieve the level of understanding that transformational partnerships require. Infosys applies the principles of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to produce a feedback mechanism that allows the partnership to grow to the benefit of both parties.

Keywords: Partners and Partnerships; Performance Evaluation; Attorney and Client Relationships; Job Cuts and Outsourcing; Balanced Scorecard; Competitive Strategy; Commercialization; Competitive Advantage; Economic Growth; Growth and Development Strategy; Consulting Industry; Information Technology Industry; India;


Martinez-Jerez, Francisco de Asis, Robert S. Kaplan, and Katherine Miller. "Infosys' Relationship Scorecard: Measuring Transformational Partnerships." Harvard Business School Case 109-006, July 2008. (Revised December 2009.)