Case | HBS Case Collection | May 2008 (Revised May 2008)

Symyx Technologies, Inc.

by H. Kent Bowen, Courtney Purrington and Thomas D. Perry


Symyx is a science-based company spun out of Berkeley. Its unique materials technology has been exploited for 10 years, but the company needs a new business model. The company concept required the invention of hardware and software to do high throughput materials discovery, and a business partnership model to support the scientific and engineering development. The public company must now find new ways to grow, and Isy Goldwasser, a co-founder and new CEO, must lead the transition while maintaining unique scientific resources.

Keywords: Business Model; Transition; Engineering; Technological Innovation; Resource Allocation; Product Development; Partners and Partnerships; Science-Based Business; Hardware; Software;


Bowen, H. Kent, Courtney Purrington, and Thomas D. Perry. "Symyx Technologies, Inc." Harvard Business School Case 608-152, May 2008. (Revised May 2008.)