Module Note | April 2008

Improvement with Customer-Operators

by Frances X. Frei and Dennis Campbell


Taught as the third module in a Harvard Business School course on Managing Service Operations: Understanding the Customer Operating Role (606-092). Explores how firms can systematically leverage their customer-operators in the organizational improvement process is investigated in the third module. This opportunity is addressed in two ways, (1) by surfacing and evolving the assumptions about customer-operators that are often built into service models, and (2) by utilizing the operational insight of customers. Both focal points build on firms' traditional use of employees to improve operations.

Keywords: Service Operations; Performance Improvement; Customer Focus and Relationships; Framework; Employees; Business Model; Management Practices and Processes; Organizational Design;


Frei, Frances X., and Dennis Campbell. "Improvement with Customer-Operators." Harvard Business School Module Note 608-135, April 2008.