Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2008

Ujjivan: A Microfinance Institution at a Crossroads (A)

by V.G. Narayanan and Pamela Freed


Samit Ghosh, the CEO and founder of Ujjivan, a major microfinance provider in Bangalore, wants to grow his business rapidly and become financially sustainable, but he's struggling with staff fraud, high costs, and how to stay true to Ujjivan's mission of poverty alleviation, while simultaneously reaching out to higher-income customers. The case explores how Ujjivan can grow, looking at such issues as new technology, diversifying product offerings, and how to hire the best staff.

Keywords: Financial Institutions; Microfinance; Ethics; Mission and Purpose; Growth and Development Strategy; Financial Services Industry; Bangalore;


Narayanan, V.G., and Pamela Freed. "Ujjivan: A Microfinance Institution at a Crossroads (A)." Harvard Business School Case 108-057, March 2008.