Supplement | HBS Case Collection | March 2008 (Revised July 2011)

Cadbury Schweppes: Capturing Confectionery (D)

by David Collis, Toby Stuart and Troy Smith


In late 2002, global confectionery and beverage maker Cadbury Schweppes needed to decide whether or not to make an acquisition bid for Adams, an underperforming gum company which had been put up for sale by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Examining the decision from a strategic perspective, the (A) case provides brief histories of the two companies; traces the global confectionery industry, focusing especially on chocolate and gum; and details the analysis of the merger decision. The (B) case explores the specific identified synergies in-depth and provides an opportunity to judge their viability. The (C) and (D) cases conclude the story and update the case with issues facing the global confectionery leader in 2008.

Keywords: Food; Mergers and Acquisitions; Corporate Strategy;


Collis, David, Toby Stuart, and Troy Smith. "Cadbury Schweppes: Capturing Confectionery (D)." Harvard Business School Supplement 708-491, March 2008. (Revised July 2011.)