Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2008 (Revised June 2008)

Shoppers' Stop Group (SSG)

by Rajiv Lal and Virginia Fuller


As B.S. Nagesh thumbed through the 2006-2007 Annual Report for Shoppers' Stop Group (SSG), action shots of healthy-looking people dressed in the latest fashions amid the words "Redefining Retail" brought a smile to his face. As managing director of SSG-a Rs 8.9 billion ($206 million) company in 2007 which included 23 department stores and a new hypermarket- Nagesh was proud of the way the company had taken retail from its roots in simple transactions to a complete "experience" defined by the luxurious ambiance, food, events and educated staff in SSG's retail outlets throughout India. The company's success led to an initial public offering in May 2005. SSG's parent company, the K. Raheja Corporation, and its affiliated companies held 66% of SSG's shares.

Keywords: Developing Countries and Economies; Initial Public Offering; Growth and Development Strategy; Marketing Strategy; Emerging Markets; Retail Industry; India;


Lal, Rajiv, and Virginia Fuller. "Shoppers' Stop Group (SSG)." Harvard Business School Case 508-017, February 2008. (Revised June 2008.)