Supplement | HBS Case Collection | January 2008

Joe Bachelder: Reflections

by Brian Hall and James K. Sebenius


After Charles Suarez's failed compensation negotiations with Victor, Suarez's attorney, Joe Batchelder, joined class discussions of the case in a course taught by Professor Brian Hall. Professor James Sebenius also interviewed Joe Bachelder at length on this case and related issues of negotiation and executive compensation. A significantly edited, elaborated, and composite version of Bachelder's informal remarks in these two settings follows: Joe Bachelder: Executive Pay Negotiator (904030), by Jason R. Barro, Brian J. Hall, and Aaron M.G. Zimmerman.

Keywords: Courts and Trials; Attorney and Client Relationships; Negotiation Deal; Executive Compensation; Knowledge Sharing; Talent and Talent Management; Perspective; Organizations;


Hall, Brian, and James K. Sebenius. "Joe Bachelder: Reflections." Harvard Business School Supplement 908-030, January 2008.