Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2008 (Revised March 2009)

Framedia (A) Abridged

by Li Jin, Carliss Y. Baldwin, Li Liao, Huabing Li and Jielun Zhu


Examines an acquisition in the highly competitive outdoor media advertising industry in China in late 2005. The transaction leads to eventual consolidation of the whole industry and positive stock reactions. Discusses equity consideration in the context of an M&A transaction, and the role of private equity and venture capital in the development and the eventual consolidation of the industry in emerging markets. Provides a context in which to discuss the impact of antitrust regulation, or lack thereof, on the industrial organization in China.

Keywords: Mergers and Acquisitions; Venture Capital; Equity; Private Equity; Corporate Governance; Emerging Markets; Organizations; Consolidation; Valuation; Advertising Industry; China;


Jin, Li, Carliss Y. Baldwin, Li Liao, Huabing Li, and Jielun Zhu. "Framedia (A) Abridged." Harvard Business School Case 208-048, January 2008. (Revised March 2009.)