Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2007

Cinergy and Duke Energy 2005: Think BIG

by Boris Groysberg, Nitin Nohria, Colleen Kaftan and Geoff Eckman Marietta


Jim Rogers, CEO of Cinergy Energy, has just announced the company's merger with Duke Energy to Employees. Rogers has had success in the past leading his firm though a merger, but will he be able to achieve similar results this time around? This case also illustrates integration strategies used in a successful merger.

Keywords: Mergers and Acquisitions; Leading Change; Integration; Energy Industry;


Groysberg, Boris, Nitin Nohria, Colleen Kaftan, and Geoff Eckman Marietta. "Cinergy and Duke Energy 2005: Think BIG." Harvard Business School Case 408-096, December 2007.