Background Note | HBS Case Collection | December 2007 (Revised June 2009)

Identifying and Exploiting the Right Entrepreneurial Opportunity...For You

by Howard H. Stevenson and Shirley Spence


This note provides an analytical framework for assessing potential opportunities in the context of an entrepreneur's life. The framework has two parts -- a business analysis and a personal analysis -- each comprised of a set of yes/no questions for critical assessment criteria. The note also offers perspectives on entrepreneurship, observations about combining an entrepreneurial career with your personal life, and comments about the pursuit of opportunities in general.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Opportunities;


Stevenson, Howard H., and Shirley Spence. "Identifying and Exploiting the Right Entrepreneurial Opportunity...For You." Harvard Business School Background Note 808-043, December 2007. (Revised June 2009.)