Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2007 (Revised December 2008)

China Netcom: Corporate Governance in China (A)

by Regina M. Abrami, William C. Kirby, F. Warren McFarlan, Ning Xiangdong and Tracy Manty


With its dual listings on the Hong Kong stock market and New York Stock Exchange, state-owned enterprise, China Netcom was mandated to meet the listing requirements of these exchanges. From this initial step, China Netcom's Chairman, Zhang Chunjiang, began a program that sought to further develop the company's corporate governance practices to meet international corporate governance standards. The company hoped that its commitment in developing a globally-accepted governance structure would help the capital markets and potential investors understand that the company was a true, modern corporation, even with the state as a majority owner.

Keywords: Corporate Governance; State Ownership; Public Ownership; Financial Markets; Capital Markets; Telecommunications Industry; China;


Abrami, Regina M., William C. Kirby, F. Warren McFarlan, Ning Xiangdong, and Tracy Manty. "China Netcom: Corporate Governance in China (A)." Harvard Business School Case 308-027, December 2007. (Revised December 2008.)