Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2007 (Revised August 2008)

Suncor in the Oil Sands Industry

by Forest L. Reinhardt and Nazli Uludere


Describes the economics, technology, and politics of the oil sands industry, focusing on one of the industry's leading firms. Oil sands deposits in Alberta represent a potentially vast reserve of hydrocarbons, but the extraction, refining, and transportation challenges are formidable, and the environmental consequences of large-scare oil sands development potentially severe. Encourages students to examine Suncor's strategic positioning and cost structure, and the challenges that the firm's leaders confront as of 2007.

Keywords: Economics; Non-Renewable Energy; Government and Politics; Supply and Industry; Natural Environment; Competitive Strategy; Environmental Sustainability; Energy Industry; Alberta;


Reinhardt, Forest L., and Nazli Uludere. "Suncor in the Oil Sands Industry." Harvard Business School Case 708-023, September 2007. (Revised August 2008.)