Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2007 (Revised May 2009)

PlaNet Finance: Broad Scope in Microfinance

by Andrei Hagiu and Elena Corsi


PlaNet Finance was a French NGO providing technical support and training services to microfinance institutions (i.e., institutions providing financial services to the poor) and other microfinance actors, rating of microfinance institutions and management, and advisory services to microfinance investors and investment funds. Furthermore, it was creating a network of microfinance banks through a microfinance holding company. However, in a context of rapid change and explosive growth of the microfinance sector, Jacques Attali, the founder and president, wondered whether PlaNet Finance's scope was sufficiently broad to fulfill its mission or, on the contrary, whether it needed to be narrowed in order to eliminate organizational challenges and external perceptions of conflicts of interest.

Keywords: Financial Institutions; Microfinance; Growth Management; Networks; Non-Governmental Organizations; Service Industry; France;


Hagiu, Andrei, and Elena Corsi. "PlaNet Finance: Broad Scope in Microfinance." Harvard Business School Case 708-441, August 2007. (Revised May 2009.)