Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2007 (Revised March 2008)


by Nabil N. El-Hage, Richard S. Ruback and Leslie Pierson


In January 2006, Andrew Banks and Royce Yudkoff were considering raising a 5th fund for their media-focused private equity firm, ABRY Partners. ABRY had a strong track record that the co-founders attributed to their group's deep knowledge of the media industry and relationships with media lenders, coupled with a client-service approach to working with Limited Partners. For the fund, Banks and Yudkoff had intended to raise $1 billion and continue their existing strategy, but potential Limited Partners had indicated that they would be willing to commit up to $4 billion. Banks and Yudkoff had to decide whether or not to quadruple the capital in their latest fund.

Keywords: Cooperative Ownership; Venture Capital; Customer Relationship Management; Asset Management; Private Equity; Judgments; Competitive Strategy; Media; Corporate Finance; Media and Broadcasting Industry; Financial Services Industry;


El-Hage, Nabil N., Richard S. Ruback, and Leslie Pierson. "ABRY Fund V." Harvard Business School Case 208-027, July 2007. (Revised March 2008.)