Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2007 (Revised February 2008)

Reinventing Ericsson

by Das Narayandas, Vincent Marie Dessain, Daniela Beyersdorfer and Anders Sjoman


Carl-Henric Svanberg, CEO of the Swedish telecom infrastructure company Ericsson, has to reorganize the recovering company in late 2003 after a major industry downturn. He is convinced that only a more market-orientated and customer-focused organization will be able to remain competitive in this maturing, high-technology-focused industry. Presents his change project, in which the sales and marketing structure play a central role. Will his ideas allow the company to keep its customers and successfully go after new markets?

Keywords: Restructuring; Customer Focus and Relationships; Marketing; Organizational Structure; Sales; Competitive Advantage; Telecommunications Industry; Sweden;


Narayandas, Das, Vincent Marie Dessain, Daniela Beyersdorfer, and Anders Sjoman. "Reinventing Ericsson." Harvard Business School Case 507-075, June 2007. (Revised February 2008.)