Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2007 (Revised December 2008)

Marie Trellu-Kane at Unis-Cite

by Michel Anteby, Julie Battilana and Anne-Claire Pache


Marie Trellu-Kane is trying to decide how Unis-Cite should respond to French President Jacques Chirac's announcement in 2005 of a new national voluntary civil service program. Since 1994, Trellu-Kane and her co-founders had been creating and overseeing a civil service program called Unis-Cite, in which youth, particularly from the disadvantaged immigrant population, volunteered nine months of their time to work on community projects. Based in Paris, France, Unis-Cite had begun to expand to other areas. With the announcement that the government would provide funding to mobilize thousands of youth volunteers, Trellu-Kane needed to decide how Unis-Cite would proceed.

Keywords: Growth and Development Strategy; Organizational Design; Business and Community Relations; Business and Government Relations; Social Enterprise; Paris;


Anteby, Michel, Julie Battilana, and Anne-Claire Pache. "Marie Trellu-Kane at Unis-Cite." Harvard Business School Case 407-106, June 2007. (Revised December 2008.)