Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2007 (Revised March 2010)

Managing Orthopaedics at Rittenhouse Medical Center

by Richard M.J. Bohmer, Robert S. Huckman, James Weber and Kevin J. Bozic


Considers the issues associated with running multiple business models–a private practice and an academic faculty practice--within the confines of the orthopaedics department of a single medical center. Students assume the role of Neela Wilson, Executive Director of Rittenhouse Medical Center, in managing the operational requirements of, and organizational tensions created by, these competing models. In analyzing the case, students have the opportunity to: (1) gain a better understanding of operational focus and the concept of a "focused factory" in health care, (2) consider the concept of a "factory within a factory" in the context of an academic medical center, and (3) build an appreciation of the managerial challenges associated with operating related, and often competing, business units within the same organization.

Keywords: Business Units; Business Model; Health Care and Treatment; Service Operations; Conflict Management; Competition; Health Industry;


Bohmer, Richard M.J., Robert S. Huckman, James Weber, and Kevin J. Bozic. "Managing Orthopaedics at Rittenhouse Medical Center." Harvard Business School Case 607-152, June 2007. (Revised March 2010.)