Case | HBS Case Collection | November 1989 (Revised December 2012)

Automation Consulting Services

by Robert Simons and Hilary Weston


Illustrates the management control challenges that are associated with rapid growth and geographic expansion. Situated at an offsite Executive Committee Retreat. The three founding partners of a specialized consulting firm are grappling with several difficult questions and problems: 1) the tension between local office autonomy, entrepreneurship, and the need for a unified firm strategy; 2) the increasing need for standardized ways to monitor rising costs, capacity utilization, and new business development; 3) redefining the role of the Executive Committee and the role of formal systems as the partnership continues to grow.

Keywords: Geographic Location; Governance Controls; Policy; Growth and Development Strategy; Management Teams; Expansion; Consulting Industry;


Simons, Robert, and Hilary Weston. "Automation Consulting Services." Harvard Business School Case 190-053, November 1989. (Revised December 2012.)