Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2007 (Revised March 2009)


by William R. Kerr


Cherrypicks is a Hong Kong communications start-up approaching a large Korean mobile operator for a partnership to take the operator's products to markets outside of Korea. SK Telecom's (SKT) Ring Back Tones (RBT) product is a spectacular success in South Korea, but the partnership will require major changes in Cherrypick's business model. Further complicating matters, SKT is also a strategic investor in Cherrypicks, a very large service provider focused on South Korea and China, and typically partners with Korean entrepreneurial firms. The Cherrypicks management team must decide how they should pitch the partnership opportunity to SKT and what their preferred deal structure would be.

Keywords: Business Model; Business Startups; Communication Strategy; Entrepreneurship; Partners and Partnerships; Communications Industry; China; Hong Kong; South Korea;


Kerr, William R. "Cherrypicks." Harvard Business School Case 807-106, March 2007. (Revised March 2009.)