Case | HBS Case Collection | September 1998 (Revised July 1999)

Integral Capital Partners

by Andre F. Perold and Markus Mullarkey


Integral Capital Partners is a small firm with a very distinctive approach to investing in high-technology stocks. The firm invests privately in small start-ups as well as in publicly traded companies, and it develops important financial and advisory relationships with its investees. Integral is concerned about the high valuations in the technology sector and is considering a variety of options: to systematically engage in short-selling in order to hedge its positions, to purchase controlling stakes in troubled technology firms and execute turnaround strategies, and to reduce its funds under management and remain a small organization.

Keywords: Technology; Value Creation; Venture Capital; Asset Management; Partners and Partnerships; Public Sector; Private Sector; Business Startups; Corporate Finance; Financial Services Industry;


Perold, Andre F., and Markus Mullarkey. "Integral Capital Partners." Harvard Business School Case 299-019, September 1998. (Revised July 1999.)