Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2007 (Revised August 2009)

Grupo Bimbo

by Jordan I. Siegel


In 2007 Grupo Bimbo, a leading global player in the baking industry, expands into China while at the same time undertaking initiatives to make its U.S. and South American operations more profitable. Allows students to analyze the company's entire global strategy. Places particular attention on how a multinational firm should best adapt to differences in the basic institutions of capitalism and consumer preferences across countries as well as within them.

Keywords: Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Issues; Global Strategy; Multinational Firms and Management; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Business and Government Relations; Food and Beverage Industry; China; Mexico; United States; South America;


Siegel, Jordan I. "Grupo Bimbo." Harvard Business School Case 707-521, March 2007. (Revised August 2009.)