Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2007

South African Airways (A)

by Joshua D. Margolis, Laura Morgan Roberts and Laura Winig


Amid efforts to engineer a turnaround at South African Airways (SAA), the CEO confronts an impending strike at the struggling company. How should the company address questions of distributive and procedural justice in post-Apartheid South Africa, and how should the CEO recover from a crucial misstep at the start of the strike? Chronicles the challenges and missteps of previous CEOs and the turnaround plan put in place by Ngqula to help curtail waste and abuse and capitalize on the growing international market.

Keywords: Fairness; Crisis Management; Employees; Employment; Growth and Development; Developing Countries and Economies; Air Transportation Industry; South Africa;


Margolis, Joshua D., Laura Morgan Roberts, and Laura Winig. "South African Airways (A)." Harvard Business School Case 407-014, February 2007.