Supplement | HBS Case Collection | February 2007 (Revised May 2008)

Bancaja: Developing Customer Intelligence (B)


In 1996, CEO Fernando Garcia Checa wanted to make customer analytics a part of Bancaja's new strategy. Bancaja, a savings bank based in Valencia, Spain, was expanding and wanted to exploit customer information to increase commercial effectiveness. At the same time, it was pushing for innovation in the nascent Spanish credit card market. To avoid the considerable investments of time and money that a large-scale customer relationship management (CRM) project would require, the bank decided to explore its benefits with a smaller pilot project. It appointed a CRM project team to design and implement a project focused on credit cards. Describes the challenges of the Spanish credit card market at the time, the methods for profiling credit card customers, and the variables involved in designing an optimal credit card. Concludes with a consideration of the decisions the CRM team had to make in designing the project, including whether to use conjoint analysis or implement a mini campaign.

Keywords: Customer Relationship Management; Credit Cards; Data and Data Sets; Knowledge Use and Leverage; Marketing Strategy; Banking Industry; Spain;


Martinez-Jerez, Francisco de Asis, and Katherine Miller. "Bancaja: Developing Customer Intelligence (B)." Harvard Business School Supplement 107-066, February 2007. (Revised May 2008.)