Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2007 (Revised October 2011)

Roppongi Hills: City Within a City

by Anita Elberse, Andrei Hagiu and Masako Egawa


Minoru Mori is the CEO of Mori Building, which has built Roppongi Hills, an ambitious large-scale, mixed-use development in Tokyo, Japan that includes high-end retail, restaurants, hotel, office, library, and art museum. A destination site for tourists and local people, the performance of the development was strong, with the exception of the art museum, which posted losses. Also, the branding efforts by Mori were at odds with other tenants and he needed to manage "the town.” Lastly, another competing development was in the works just blocks away, and Mori needed to determine how to address this new competitor.

Keywords: Buildings and Facilities; Development Economics; Brands and Branding; Urban Development; Competition; Real Estate Industry; Tokyo;


Elberse, Anita, Andrei Hagiu, and Masako Egawa. "Roppongi Hills: City Within a City." Harvard Business School Case 707-431, January 2007. (Revised October 2011.)