Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2007 (Revised July 2008)

Capital Field: A Room with a View

by Nicolas P. Retsinas and Joshua Wyatt


Jerzy Peters, Managing Director of Patron Capital Partners, must decide the best investment option on the development of the Odra Polish theater chain and the associated real estate. Capital Field was a company formed by U.S.-educated Polish natives involved in real estate and cinema who worked to privatize Odra. There is potential in reinvigorating the former state-owned and operated Odra theater chain and also redeveloping portions of the associated real estate to retail, office, or residential.

Keywords: Investment; Emerging Markets; State Ownership; Privatization; Property; Real Estate Industry; Poland;


Retsinas, Nicolas P., and Joshua Wyatt. "Capital Field: A Room with a View." Harvard Business School Case 207-091, January 2007. (Revised July 2008.)