Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2007

Lou Pritchett: Negotiating the P&G Relationship with Wal-Mart

by James K. Sebenius and Ellen Knebel


Describes several internal and external negotiations in the 1980s that led to a significant and growing partnership between Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Wal-Mart. From the perspective of Lou Pritchett, P&G's Vice President of Sales and Customer Development, the unfolding negotiations are described, starting with a canoe trip Pritchett took with Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton. Provides insight into various negotiating situations as well as key lessons learned from early efforts to help P&G and Wal-Mart forge a more integrated supplier-retailer partnership.

Keywords: Marketing; Negotiation; Distribution Channels; Partners and Partnerships; Sales;


Sebenius, James K., and Ellen Knebel. "Lou Pritchett: Negotiating the P&G Relationship with Wal-Mart." Harvard Business School Case 907-011, January 2007.