Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2007 (Revised April 2007)

The Tale of the Lynx (A and B)

by Noam T. Wasserman


The founders of Lynx Solutions have survived major challenges within their board of directors, the firing of Lynx's founder-CEO and departure of its successor CEO, and a crisis sparked by media allegations that it had been spying on its users. Now that the company is finally becoming profitable, the two remaining founders are embroiled in exhausting fights over how aggressively the company should try to grow, and those fights are threatening to derail Lynx's recent success.

Keywords: Governing and Advisory Boards; Business Growth and Maturation; Ethics; Decision Choices and Conditions; Management Succession; Conflict and Resolution; Management Teams; Information Technology Industry;


Wasserman, Noam T. "The Tale of the Lynx (A and B)." Harvard Business School Case 807-112, January 2007. (Revised April 2007.)