Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2006 (Revised January 2009)

METRO Cash & Carry

by Tarun Khanna, Krishna G. Palepu, Carin-Isabel Knoop and David Lane


Analyzes the globalization of Metro Case & Carry, a German wholesaler, which has flourished in many foreign markets but struggled to gain traction in India. Considers Metro's experience in Russia and China to put the company's challenges in India in comparative perspective. Pays particular attention to the institutional obstacles for a multinational to tap into the opportunities offered by emerging markets.

Keywords: Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Issues; Global Strategy; Multinational Firms and Management; Emerging Markets; Market Entry and Exit; China; India; Russia; Germany;


Khanna, Tarun, Krishna G. Palepu, Carin-Isabel Knoop, and David Lane. "METRO Cash & Carry." Harvard Business School Case 707-505, December 2006. (Revised January 2009.)