Supplement | HBS Case Collection | November 2006 (Revised August 2008)

China Resources Corporation (B): China Resources Microelectronics

by Dennis Campbell and David Lane


Supplements the (A) case. Late in October 2006, China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (CRC) CEO Charlie Song Lin, CFO Jiang Wel, and Information Center GM Derek Cheng were traveling from Hong Kong to Wuxi, China to attend the first ever meeting of China Resources Microelectronic's (CRM) newly established Office of Strategy Management. The team had high hopes for this meeting as CRM was not only one of CRC's most strategically important profit centers, but also a potential model for the implementation of the CRC 6S management system in all of CRC's 19 profit centers.

Keywords: Accounting; Business Conglomerates; Profit; Governance Controls; Management Systems; Business Strategy; China;


Campbell, Dennis, and David Lane. "China Resources Corporation (B): China Resources Microelectronics." Harvard Business School Supplement 107-015, November 2006. (Revised August 2008.)